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About The Hostel

Sacred Heart Hostel was started in August 1921 as a small boarding house inside the campus of St. Xavier’s college. The present Loyola hall was then the boarding house of the school. Later it was shifted to the present Sacred Heart Hostel where students of all religions started living together.
This is my 11th year as the Director in the hostel. I was here earlier as the director from 2001 to 2006. Now I am here from 2015 onwards.
Through various schemes, programmes and plans, we have been providing integral formation to our hostel students. I believe very strongly that the main aim of education is to form and build enlightened and socially conscious students for the future. Every student who enters the portals of our hostel should go away with full maturity, social sensitivity, creativity and competence to face any challenge or eventuality in life.
Towards the realization of the fuller maturity of our students, we implement the following schemes in the hostel:
Study Completed Register to plan and systematically interiorize study habits.

Each standard has a separate teacher in charge for continuous accompaniment.

Group study and mentoring system for the slow learners

Special coaching to the slow learners with our school teachers in the evenings.

Hand writing practice for the beginners.

Open day for the parents and students to meet the incharge teacher individually.

Every month classwise evaluation and planning meeting.

Every month evaluation and planning meeting with the hostel staff.

Maintenance of the students’ profile and portfolio.

Everyday mass for the Catholic students and evening common prayer for all.

Yoga for all the students.

Special medical camps twice a year.

Clean and green campus.

Compulsory games in the evening.

Cultural night every month with all the students of one standard planning and performing each month.

Moonlight supper once a month.

Extra curricular activities, each student to learn at least one cultural talent.

Each class has a separate notice board to exhibit the students' creativity.

Quiz and debates now and then.

Instant rewards for good actions given every day during the night prayer.

Scholarship for the poor.

Regular parents' meetings standard wise.

Good library with many new books to inculcate reading habits among the students.

Every day five new words and sentences in English.

Through the aforementioned programmes and many more, we have been trying to provide integral formation to our hostel students. I would like to appreciate our hostel staff who are involved in this noble venture and endeavour. I would like to appreciate our hostel alumni who periodically visit us, reminiscing over their experiences.
This year is the centenary of our hostel. I would like to welcome all our hostel alumni to participate in all the centenary programmes.